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P.O. Box 155
Brooks, CA, 95606

530 796 3388

Foxfibre® Colorganic® naturally colored organic cotton and merino wool in the form of raw spinners seed cotton, prepared sliver, yarns, fabrics, and some articles of clothing. Bred, grown, designed and produced by Sally Vreseis Fox in the USA.


Shipping Info


The County Fire began on the farm behind ours to the northwest. We were under Mandatory Evacuation order for nearly a week. It was really rough trying to take care of the farm and sheep by driving in and getting out as rapidly as possible. Your donations and orders placed during this time made a profound difference to us. Right now we are beginning to ship out the orders placed in early July. Hoping that all will be caught up by the end of August, 2018. 

For some reason that I have yet to grasp or remedy, this ordering program (via Squarespace) often gets the shipping charges really off. I am regularly refunding outrageous overcharges. For orders over $100 there is free First Class US shipping; enter code FREE and chose regular First Class Shipping for it to be activated. 25 lb bags of Sonora wheat (I already have the Priority flat rate shipping in the price) and raw fleeces are not eligible. The fleeces often cost so much more to ship as they are not dense. If you chose Priority Mail shipping or do not enter the code FREE, I presume that you wish to support my work by paying the full shipping charges. I refund the excess charges after I ship your order to you. If so, thank you in advance.

International orders that exceed 3.5 lbs need to be calculated on a order by order basis.