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P.O. Box 155
Brooks, CA, 95606

530 796 3388

Foxfibre® Colorganic® naturally colored organic cotton and merino wool in the form of raw spinners seed cotton, prepared sliver, yarns, fabrics, and some articles of clothing. Bred, grown, designed and produced by Sally Vreseis Fox in the USA.

Special Offers

In the old days when this cotton was new I used to offer a discount to customers who published pictures of the things that they had made with this precious fiber, or entered their work into exhibitions. Back then it meant getting the picture published in a magazine (which was a very big deal) or sending a photo to me via mail of the exhibited work. I still have a few of these gorgeous feats of skill and artistry framed.

Now, it can be as simple as posting a photo on Ravelry, on a blog, or on the comments section of this site.  I want to revive this discount and encourage my customers to share what they have made and be rewarded by a discount on their next order. 

To participate in this e-mail me at : with the link to your comment, blog, or whatever you published and I will e-mail to you the 15% discount code to use on your next order.

Hoping that I get to see more works of beauty and substance that you turn the fiber that I produce into,