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P.O. Box 155
Brooks, CA, 95606

530 796 3388

Foxfibre® Colorganic® naturally colored organic cotton and merino wool in the form of raw spinners seed cotton, prepared sliver, yarns, fabrics, and some articles of clothing. Bred, grown, designed and produced by Sally Vreseis Fox in the USA.

Viriditas Farm

Located in the Capay Valley of California northeast of San Francisco, Viriditas Farm is the place where Foxfibre® naturally colored cottons are  bred and initial seed increases grown up. Rotational crops include heirloom Sonora wheat- the flavorful low-yield landrace which boasts the root system of a perennial. This wheat has quite literally added tons of root material and straw per acre which has been beautifully building the soil organic matter up with each crop year. 

And the sheep who made it possible to achieve my dream of going Biodynamic after almost a two decades worth of learning curve. The sheep eat down the plant stubble, reducing the need to use the tractor. Which predigest the plant materials making them more palatable to the soil microbes. They are such an integral part of this farm’s life. Plus, of course, they produce super fine and colorful wool. In all their different shades from all their ages.