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P.O. Box 155
Brooks, CA, 95606

530 796 3388

Foxfibre® Colorganic® naturally colored organic cotton and merino wool in the form of raw spinners seed cotton, prepared sliver, yarns, fabrics, and some articles of clothing. Bred, grown, designed and produced by Sally Vreseis Fox in the USA.

"buffalo" brown flannel by the half yard





"buffalo" brown flannel by the half yard


"buffalo" brown flannel by the half yard


Sold by the half yard (1/2 yards units) : 7 oz mid weight flannel, organic upland white cotton for the warp and 100% wingspan "Buffalo" brown cotton for the weft, then brushed to be made into flannel. 56" wide. Spun at Athena Mills in Richmond, CA, then woven and brushed in NC. I found this roll in with the French Terry rolls and am offering it as it is special, and I thought it was long gone.

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